Crataeva nurvala

Common Name

Three-leaved Caper, Varuna (Sanskrit)





   It belongs to the family Caparidaceae. The plant grows throughout India, especially along the streams and river banks. It is found in abundance in Kerela, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Bengal and Assam. A medium sized, deciduous, much branched tree grows up to 7-9 meters in height. Varuna is one of the best litholytic herbs and has been used throughout the ages for the treatment of urolithiasis and crystalluria.

Pharmacological Properties

C.nurvala reduces or suppresses urinary calculi (stones) and dissolves those already present.

C.nurvala is used in benign prostatic hyperplasia.

C.nurvala is applied in atonic(lack of normal tone) and hypotonic bladder (reduced tone or tension).

C.nurvala is used in bladder incontinence and in enuresis (bedwetting).

C.nurvala is very efficient and in Ayurveda it is indicated for chronic urinary tract infections, prevention and treatment of kidney stones.