Dr.Abhay Kumar Pati, A physician in Integrated medicine, trained in Western Medicine and the Traditional medicine of India called Ayurveda. Dr.Pati is also the founder of Best Nutrition Products Inc.Hayward California, which products a large number of nutritional supplements. He is also the founder & promoter of Biotechayur Pvt Ltd in Odisha, India
L-Citruline is an Amino acid. It turns into L-Arginine in the kidney after supplementation, which means L.citruline as nutrient is more effective.
Kidney not only produce L-Citruline and it also produce a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide the natural remedy for high blood pressure. It is guaranteed and please try it.
Hypertension raises high risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.
L-Citrulines as a functional food supplement may ease symptoms of mile to moderate erectile dysfunction too.
The organic isolated molecules Citruline is derived from citrullus, the latin word for water melon. Final product of nitric oxide is a derivative of L. citruline from water melon. However we can obtain nitric oxide from isolated juice Beet Extract, which is also a vasodilator
I suggest individual who have hypertension, please drink watermelon and beet juice.
Why do strokes often occurs in the shower?
Two of my good friends are top Cardiologists in Manila and Hong Kong. Both are American trained physicians who also practice in USA. Both are great admirer of Ayurvedic and nutritional functional food. They use Arjuna as a natural source of Q10, Reserpine from Sarpagandha, as well as B 3, D3, and Omega 3 products of my brand.
Aside from supplements & food habits, they both focus on modalities of life style on meditation, exercise, walking and yoga.
They both agree with my discovery and findings the causative factor of strokes in the shower? Individuals having hypertension, who wet the head and hair first when showering, that is the wrong sequence. This causes the body to adjust its temperature to quickly because the blood is too warm. By performing the incorrect sequence, blood rushing up to the head may cause capillary or artery breakage, which can cause a stroke and a fall.
The right method to take a shower is to start wetting the body from the feet up to the shoulders, according Ayurvedic medical science, A sensation of vapor coming out of the head or bristling of the body hair may be felt for some individuals. Follow my technique of taking shower, specially for people with high blood pressure.

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